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I hear funny things out here.
I don’t want to stay out here anymore.
Don’t walk behind me.
I don’t trust any of you.
From now on, no one gets out of my sight.
We should sleep in shifts.
Anybody tryin’ to leave, we kill ‘em.
He’s one of them!
You lying bastard.
I ain’t goin’ with Simmons.
Watch Clark.
Who says I want you going with me?
Everybody watch whoever you’re with.
You guys gonna let him give the orders?
Then I’ll have to kill you.
Let’s rush him. He’s not going to blow us all up.
Damn if I won’t.
Auxiliary light cables been cut.
Cut? Been pulled apart.
You’re going to have to sleep sometime.
Where’s the damn flashlight?
Makes you a murderer then. Don’t it?
Bring me a goddamn flashlight!
Bullets don’t kill these Things.
Screw the flashlight.
Blast him, Simmons!
It got to Childs and blew the generator.
Everybody’ll be dead inside twelve hours.
Not everybody.
U.S. Outpost #31, Antarctica, 1982—Twelve men are commissioned to gather physical and natural science data. It is the dead of winter. With six months of darkness ahead of them, they uncover the find of the century. Of a thousand centuries.

If only they could put it back.

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