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George "Buck" Flower

George "Buck" Flower
GEORGE "BUCK" FLOWER was born in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. He joined the Army in his teens and enrolled in Eastern Oregon College after returning from the service.

Flower moved to California and enrolled in Pasadena City College, which he attended until joining a touring repertory theater group.

During the next 12 years, Flower and his repertory ensemble, The Inspiration Players, performed in all 48 continental states and in Alaska. Upon returning to California, Flower decided to move his acting career into motion pictures, where he has worked as everything from grip to writer to assistant director to producer to actor.

Well-known among horror enthusiasts for his starring roles in the series of low budget She Devil movies, the 35-year acting veteran also logged small roles in Back to the Future and Back to the Future, Part II, costarred as Old Boomer in all the Wilderness Family features, and wrote and starred in the cult genre film, Drive–In Massacre, as well as Pumpkinhead and In Search of a Golden Sky, which he also produced.

The veteran character actor has appeared in a half-dozen films directed by Carpenter, including The Fog, Starman, They Live, Escape from New York, John Carpenter Presents Body Bags and Village of the Damned.
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